Monday, January 04, 2010

it is true to say the more u put in the more pain it will cause when it fail
there are no return for the care n love a person put in when he show to the person
as there a saying if the person do not have feeling for u no matter how much he do at the end of day she will not feel it at all

let it be then

16 days to go to show if she is right about a friend of mine if she is then it will show that nothing will show a friendship worth other than money as it will show the true color of the person .

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

one more day to christmas wish everyone who read my blog a happy holiday

i wish there is someone to company through this day but i dont there will be anyone want to go through this special day with me

thinking i been overcaring for a friend to the level i dont know where i stand as in what am i to her close friend ask me so are u 2 together , my ans is no as that how i feel from her
but what u do is more than a friend i tell her i admit i like her i want to be with her i want her to be my girl but if there is someone better n she is happy with him i will wish her the best n will pray for her like i do everyday . as i believe loving someone what matter is she is happy n health that is more important than being with me but not happy . i will also move away when she is taken to be fair to her bf

this will be a promise for 2010

i hope i will be able to do alot better in the coming year as i want to catch up with wat i lose n want to gain ground of it . want to get a car at least n move on the job if it cant give me wat i want

Friday, May 16, 2008

that the last one

just to say that from now on pl go to instead http://cyq1922.blogspot.com/

carry on

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thanks i give to u

each day i live now is counted as extra for me as somehow i really feel i am very luck to be here writing maybe even some of my close feel the same way too
that why i somehow wanted to show more caring to those i care

A day here is a day away from u
A day i learn from here i learn more about u
A day i care for others is what u show me through that secs i have in u

so i thanks u for letting me live again

A prayer each day is how i feel to get to know u better

Give thanks to u above us all

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seen like it will be a hard year ahead for me
as it seen like no matter wat i do i have to be careful as it seen anything that can go wrong will go wrong so just in case any happen i will check all items before sending them to the customers
if not will be wasting oil again as it getting more XXX


i alway believe that everyone can chose which path they want to take but it seen mine i cant really chose at all haizz

life is ..

Thursday, November 08, 2007

"when everything that needed to be done is done then it is time to say
goodbye "

when the reason to stay n stand by u are gone
wat do u expect me to do ?

most ppl will say stay as i need u
but is it the real ans that really mean it
only u will know

when a person is alone
where he/she cant find a reason to call someone he/she care
who can he/she find ?

there are a total of 4 ppl all are female that i give the same promise to
that is no matter wat happen where i am i will alway be there for u through anytime that have up n down in ur life just give me a sms / call n i will be there no matter wat
but now i realize that not everyone of them or anyone of the 4 need that kind of promise from me

for some i may seen like a help-line when in needed of help
but who do i will to when i just needed someone who i care / love to listen to wat i have in my heart ?

ans NIL

funny as there are one who say u can share with me when u are down or when u needed a listening ear but in the end i did not dare to share with u as it is no longer the same when u made that promise to me
but i never blame u as it is fate
no longer i feel that close to u as it feel more like i am moving away from u as time pass
which is a fact that i dont think u know
there are time that i tell u something that got 2 meaning but i know that of all of wat i say u maynot remember wat i say the last min as time are no longer the same
maybe to say
in the first place
i was not even in the pic at all just a person who u can fell back to when there are no one that are free at that time
but at that time i alway skip a heart beat when i seen it is u who call
but .....

the only thing i can say is
u are one of 2 person who can turn my world upside down
my job is done for u as all i can
to 598

the day u make a guy drop the first tears is the day the guy's heart die
dont think u will know anyway

in front of u
u alway seen a person who have no problem or a person who problem are never mean much in u
cant blame u
as i was not the one from day 1
i know u
when a guy help u do not mean he ask for a return
he only wanted u to feel happy that all that he ask
there alot of things he wanted to share
but when see u all worry are left behind
as he did not want to worry u
all he wanted when he know in ur heart
he is only a normal friend who u never have feeling for
u are happy

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

a start maybe a ending 2

There are times when there are things happen the first u wanted to share with is the one who u wanted to be with
but there are times where it is no longer possible at all as the time n ppl change due to different matter
still no matter how it is still matter to me is u are safe n sound even thought the story will no longer have anything to do with me

ppl wonder how come i got 2 different blog n words are total no link at time
all i can say is because link to different group of ppl read it

to be .......